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About Okunerere Adoration Ministry

We’re helping people reconnect with the Creator!

Our Ministry is a perfect place for all local residents to come in with their families and join for a prayer and a newfound peace of mind and soul. Religion will make your life more meaningful!

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  • Our Mission

    We make converting each single parishioner into a faithful person our prized goal!

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  • Sermons

    Our ministers have a lot to say to our Ministry visitors, every Sunday & more!

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  • Join a Group

    Become a part of any community within our Ministry and meet other members.

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  • Christian Rock

    Every single weekend our friends from a local Christian rock band come to play!

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Okunerere Music

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  • Friendly Atmosphere

    We are happy to welcome anyone, with our community feeling acceptive of all kinds of people!

  • Interesting Events

    Our ministry has a long schedule of fascinating and deeply spiritual events, all to boost your serenity!

  • New People

    Visit OKAM and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom follow the “love thy neighbor” principle!