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About OKAM

Okunerere Adoration Ministry being one of the biggest ministries in the local area, we’ve always felt a special sense of duty to preach the word of God to as many neighbors around as possible and set the captives free. This means that we highly encourage and ask you all to share this page with all of your friends, colleagues, and relatives, as we all need spiritual light in our life!

Our Ministry has a long schedule of fascinating and deeply spiritual events.

  • – 1st Friday of the Month Adoration
  • – 2nd Friday of the Month Adoration
  • – 1st Tuesday of the Month Adoration
  • – 2nd Tuesday of the Month Adoration

All to boost your serenity! Visit our ministry and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom follow the “love thy neighbor” principle! Altogether, we guarantee you that after becoming a part of our acceptive and loving community there will be so much more light in your life!


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