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Prayer of Thunder & Fire Book




Prayer of Fire and thunder is a spiritually oriented prayer book. It is a mediation for spiritual sicknesses, spiritual and physical challenges. It covers a lot of problems children of God are suffering. It is a book every Christian deserve to have. The book is meant for those who have problems and want to solve it and too for Christians who want to live a life of prayer. Solutions to your problems obtained through prayers are provided in this book. It is a book of prayer founded on the word of God of which devil can never withstand. Hold God by His words using this prayer book. It is our spontaneous prayer during our prayer sessions.
It is not only prayer but also prepares your mood to embark on prayer and takes you to another level of prayers which is in section two of the book, you will see levels of prayers and also shows you which level are you in your prayer grading. Section one will also help you to identify the presence of devil and how he works of which the prayers in section three in this book are fashioned to cushion the effects and conquer him at the altar of his plots, expose and root him up completely from carrying out his nefarious activities against you. so pick up the book read and I join and pray with you in spirit against these problems / demons both known and unknown, they will all perish and be permanently cast out of your life in Jesus name. Amen Remain Blessed


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